In a neighborhood where 60% of the town are vacant lots, Chicago based designer and educator Norman Teague took the matter into his own hands.

“It is our belief/vision that exposing minds to a wide range of design, entrepenuerial and manufacturing skills will help to transform oppressive conditions and oppressed mindsets into a wider slate of future career choices, as well as strengthen the community.”
Norman Teague,
Mission –
The intent is to ease the pedagogical process of product, retail and public space design, thereby encouraging young men and women within the community to take part in the designing and rebuilding of their community. Exchanging skill sets of making, selling, distributing and marketing products is the forefront of . Our plan is to open a design studio in the Chicago south side area that offer workshops, design lectures and community gatherings. I am a strong believer in EXPOS-your as a pedagogical tactic.
We would like to raised $100,000.00 dollars by September 1st to support the overhead, buildout and equipment needs for our storefront studio in the Bronzeville area. With your financial assistance we hope to build stronger and more independent communities across Chicagoland. Please go to in order to make donations.

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