Briana Elise is a Woman who wears many hats. When she’s not acting for the big screens, writing her next book, or teaching a class, Bri is most likely with her loved one’s trying to live their best life. When you first meet Bri, she’ll greet you with a love that makes it seem that you’ve been friends for a lifetime. This is her superpower, being from Denver and then moving to Chicago, and now Los Angeles, Bri had to adapt to each environment and learn how to build relationships. Bri understood the importance of the simple moments and that genuine friendships can be rare at times. Being in the art community in any city can get overwhelming, have one conversation with Bri and she’ll remind you that sometimes we can put our career second and ourselves/each other first. Through this short documentary, Bri reminds us that a small act like listening to one another can go a long way and will get us a step closer to a more just world.

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