From east to west and across the globe, Syrian-American rapper Omar Offendum is as real as it gets. Though he resides in Los Angeles, California, make no mistake, he will be the first to remind you of his D.C roots and how he brings that east-coast mentality with him everywhere he goes. Omar’s intricate balance of activism and wordplay makes way for his music to speak life, healing, and awareness to people from a medium they’ve never saw coming. Like many rappers before him, Omar’s career began telling stories of deep violence that was happening to his people in Syria and through the Middle-East, but with time Omar understood that activism was not just about documenting the trauma but also imagining a day without it. While on the SAMS Amplify Peace Tour, a tour dedicated to help fund programs for children dealing with trauma in the Middle-East with artist Kayem, Ronnie And The Turath Ensemble, Bassel And The Super Naturals, and Dj Bella Loki, seeing the impact the music had on the audience, it was hard to deny that the people needed this music in our current political climate. Omar understands the toll activism can take on somebody’s physical and mental health, and it was amazing to see his effort to help others heal on and off the stage. Through this short documentary, Omar Offendum takes us on a journey of duality and helps us remember to hold onto to the power of hope and joy, especially in times where we can’t find it all.

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