Chicago has become the home of many culture-shifting artist’s throughout the years, and Letesha Renee is no different. Through Chicago’s cultural renaissance, Tesha has been in the middle of it all styling and designing the people in the forefront of this movement. Like many artist’s in Chicago, Tesha is learning how to make a lasting impact in her community in and outside of her art. Through her latest collection, “Side x Side” for her label Eugene Taylor Brand, Tesha has helped us imagine a world where gender binaries do not exist in today’s society. In a time where people’s safety and livelihood’s are being put at risk due to their “differences”, Tesha is doing her part to remind us that we are beautifully and intentionally made to be who we are today. Through this short documentary, Tesha reminds us how important community is and how the love from others will help us love ourselves more truly.

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