Lauren Spearman will always let her light shine, no matter what the world throws at her. Growing up in Humboldt Park, Chicago, Lauren Spearman is no stranger to the struggles you have to face in this city, especially for Women of Color. Growing up in a city that is seemingly unfair to Black and Brown folks and are constantly closing down schools and after-school programs, at a young age, Lauren knew to survive in this world she had to find ways to heal and protect her energy. Yoga was that source of healing for her, but even when she found Yoga she quickly realized how hard it was for other people of Color to join to due to the lack of access. Like many institutions, the lack of diversity in Yoga was alarming but also extremely ironic (Yoga was founded 5,000 years ago in Northern India), this inspired Lauren to launch R&b Yoga, a company that teaches Yoga in a way that is accessible and fun. Through this short documentary, we followed Lauren as she shows us the joy in her classes and reminds us that it is okay to let ourselves heal.

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