1. Asylum 2:03
  2. Mistery Lounge 2:07
  3. Heavy Beat 1:30
  4. G Rap 4:08

Self-Hosted Playlist

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“Power Of An Ally” Featuring Briana Elise

Briana Elise is a Woman who wears many hats. When she’s not acting for the big screens, writing her next book, or teaching a class, Bri is most likely with her loved one’s trying to live their best life. When you first meet Bri, she’ll greet you with a love that makes it seem that you’ve been friends for a lifetime. This is her superpower, being from Denver and then moving to Chicago, and now Los Angeles, Bri had to adapt to each environment and learn how to build relationships. Bri understood the importance of the simple moments and that genuine friendships can be rare at times. Being in the art community in any city can get overwhelming, have one conversation with Bri and she’ll remind you that sometimes we can put our career second and ourselves/each other first. Through this short documentary, Bri reminds us that a small act like listening to one another can go a long way and will get us a step closer to a more just world.

Check out her last children’s book “Too Fly Not To Fly”.

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Stories- Lauren Spearman

Lauren Spearman will always let her light shine, no matter what the world throws at her. Growing up in Humboldt Park, Chicago, Lauren Spearman is no stranger to the struggles you have to face in this city, especially for Women of Color. Growing up in a city that is seemingly unfair to Black and Brown folks and are constantly closing down schools and after-school programs, at a young age, Lauren knew to survive in this world she had to find ways to heal and protect her energy. Yoga was that source of healing for her, but even when she found Yoga she quickly realized how hard it was for other people of Color to join to due to the lack of access. Like many institutions, the lack of diversity in Yoga was alarming but also extremely ironic (Yoga was founded 5,000 years ago in Northern India), this inspired Lauren to launch R&b Yoga, a company that teaches Yoga in a way that is accessible and fun. Through this short documentary, we followed Lauren as she shows us the joy in her classes and reminds us that it is okay to let ourselves heal.

REVIVE Cypher Episode 1 (Ft. Matt Muse, Free Jay, Leo Mantra, The Law of Huey, Stark of Huey)

Through the partnership of the Cornerstore podcast, we are happy to announce the first episode of the REVIVE cypher featuring Matt Muse, Free Jay, Leo Mantra, The Law of Huey, and Stark of Huey. Watch as these five emcees bring heat as they create magic and sip tea in a Chicago coffee shop.

Listen to the latest Cornerstore podcast below:

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Omar Offendum: Shoulders of Giants

From east to west and across the globe, Syrian-American rapper Omar Offendum is as real as it gets. Though he resides in Los Angeles, California, make no mistake, he will be the first to remind you of his D.C roots and how he brings that east-coast mentality with him everywhere he goes. Omar’s intricate balance of activism and wordplay makes way for his music to speak life, healing, and awareness to people from a medium they’ve never saw coming. Like many rappers before him, Omar’s career began telling stories of deep violence that was happening to his people in Syria and through the Middle-East, but with time Omar understood that activism was not just about documenting the trauma but also imagining a day without it. While on the SAMS Amplify Peace Tour, a tour dedicated to help fund programs for children dealing with trauma in the Middle-East with artist Kayem, Ronnie And The Turath Ensemble, Bassel And The Super Naturals, and Dj Bella Loki, seeing the impact the music had on the audience, it was hard to deny that the people needed this music in our current political climate. Omar understands the toll activism can take on somebody’s physical and mental health, and it was amazing to see his effort to help others heal on and off the stage. Through this short documentary, Omar Offendum takes us on a journey of duality and helps us remember to hold onto to the power of hope and joy, especially in times where we can’t find it all.

Check out his latest E.P below!

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