Fresh off her debut EP “Guns and Roses”, West Lawndale native Bianca Shaw comes back to the public eye to bless us with a brand new visual that will keep your head spinning. Through the thrilling cinematic experience that also compliments her captivating lyricism, director King Lo and Bianca Shaw gave us a glimpse of what can go on in someones head while in a toxic relationship. The representation of being trapped and in surveillance by the police maybe the perfect analogy of what it may feel it in a relationship that lacks trust or when one is treated unfairly. In a time of heightened fear from the police in our communities, claiming your partner to be worse than the police maybe the ultimate diss track. Intentional or not, Bianca Shaw shows that it will take more than a toxic partner to keep her down. We have a feeling a sequel may be in the making. Watch the video above and let us know what you think!

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