“We Were Born With Only 2 Fears”

We Were Only Born With 2 Fears

“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.”
-Marilyn Ferguson
I once learned that we’re born with only two things that scare us—loud noise and falling. That means that all other fears ware learned. Fear of public speaking, spiders, heights, rejection, snakes, and you name it were acquired at one point or another in life.

One thing that I feared the most was speaking in front of other people. In fact, growing up I was one of the shyest kids in class and my parents at one point thought I was mute or had a speaking problem. Real quick, think of the quietest kid you’ve ever known. Yep, I was even more quiet than that kid! I would not only avoid public speaking, but speaking in general was something I strayed away from. When I absolutely did have to speak, though, I would never look at a person in his/her eyes during the conversation. The idea of what people thought of me when I spoke made me paralyzed in fear.

Ironically, if we fast-forward to today, you might find me speaking throughout the year at retreats, church services, workshops, and conferences in front of groups of all sizes and ages. It’s one of the greatest experiences in life that I have the privilege to do. I don’t know how I first learned to be fearful of speaking, but I do know that fear is a necessary step to becoming greater. Don’t get me wrong, but when I speak in front of hundreds, the fear that I acquired and learned when I was a child is still there. I didn’t unlearn this fear, but I did learn how to overcome it with something new—faith. Fear was big, but my faith is now bigger. If all fears are learned throughout life, this means that we can learn how to overcome them as well, and as a result the fear that we once learned can now eventually be replaced with something better. My hope is that all people would one day face their fears with bigger faith because most fears are simply something that we learned, and we are so much greater than the product of something we learned in the past.

Stay blessed,
Jeffrey Abiera

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“We Were Born With Only 2 Fears”

We Were Only Born With 2 Fears “Ultimately we know deeply that...
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