“The Emergency Roadmap for All Aspiring Artists”


“The Emergency Roadmap for All Aspiring Artists”

Are you an aspiring artist who is lost and does not know what else to do?  Wait. Hold on. Aspiring?  Let me rephrase that first question-are you an artist?  Too often, people are trying to BE something when in reality we are already everything that we need to be in order to be an artist.

If you have ever dove into art as a profession (performing arts, music, film, writing, drawing, etc.), whether on the side or full-time, you know the struggle of seeing constant “road blocks,”  and “dead ends”.  But what if I were to tell you that these same road blocks and dead ends are actually just–detours?  Yes, your plan was to have a straight line, but there is a purpose for these detours.  See, we all have this ideal vision of how we are going to reach the end goals in our craft and what we want to do with our talents, but many stop completely because of these changes in the route.  As a response, I want you to pay close attention and read these words, “NEVER STOP BEING AN ARTIST”. You were made to do this.  You were made to have these gifts.  Life will not be the same if you stop.  Trust me.

The top priority of an artist is not about making the big money and being recognized.  Yes, those things are amazing and can be the rewards of your hard work, but the best artists that I have met are the ones that never stop loving what they do.  Yes, they do get paid and are slowly becoming recognized, but that is because the true art and love for art never stops.  The detours have become smaller destinations, on the way to their final destination, and in their perspective, they are doing their best to enjoy the sight-seeing.  I know detours can be annoying, inconvenient, and discouraging, but sometimes they are necessary to bring us back to the essence of our art and who we are.  So again, I encourage you to continue what your are doing and and continue to be the artist that you were made to be.  The destination is here and the sight-seeing is going to be incredible.

Stay blessed,

Jeffrey Abiera

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